June 23, 2022
New Huawei Celia Digital Assistant Unveiled

Huawei Doesn’t Have Access to Google Assistant or Siri, so the Company Made its Own Smart Helper

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei, which doesn’t have permission to use Google Assistant or Siri, made its own called “Celia”…

During its recent P40 Pro online launch event, Huawei debuted its own digital assistant it’s named Celia. (The company is prohibited from using either Google or Apple products due to its dubious practices and subsequent government mandates instituted by the United States.)

New Huawei Celia Digital Assistant Unveiled

The new Huawei Celia mobile assistant is accessible by merely speaking “Hey Celia.” Like other virtual assistants, Huawei’s Celia can search the internet, add items to calendars, as well as provide face-to-face translation. Plus, it’s able to perform other tasks, in addition.

Celia joins Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, and Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant leads its peers by a substantial margin in its abilities, speed, and accuracy. Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are second, with Samsung Bixby trailing far behind.

Huawei has already built its own custom assistant for its proprietary devices, although these are exclusive to China. Now, Celia is coming to the European market, which will come pre-installed on its flagship devices. Celia’s default search engine is Microsoft Bing, but device owners can change over to Google, if desired.

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