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Here’s a Chance to Save $12 a Year with a New Hulu Annual Plan (but There’s Still Ads)

New Hulu Annual Ad-Supported Premium Subscription Option Announced

Credit: Disney / Hulu / Cutie & the Curmudgeon

Hulu has introduced a new yearly paid plan that gives subscribers a discount, but it doesn’t offer a totally ad-free experience…

For some that are looking for a deal on streaming, there’s now a new subscription plan over at Disney-owned Hulu. It comes with thousands of television shows and movies. And, it offers 12 months of service, while only paying for 10 months. However, it doesn’t come without a catch and that catch is that it is ad-supported — even though its a pay-to-play premium product.

New Hulu Annual Ad-Supported Premium Subscription Option Announced

The new Hulu annual subscription plan costs $59.99, which results in a savings of about $12 over the $5.99 month-to-month option. It’s the only one offered, so there’s no other discounts, even on the true ad-free service or its live television packages. Meanwhile, there is some savings to be had for bundles, but it requires subscribing to Disney+ and ESPN+, too. (The later are also month-to-month, by the way.)

Right now, the new Hulu annual subscription plan’s discount is only available to current Hulu customers. Although, newcomers will be able to take advantage of the deal sometime later this year. Hulu writes in a press release on its website:

“Hulu is now offering its audience of TV lovers even more choice and flexibility in how they subscribe. All current customers of Hulu’s $5.99/month ad-supported plan will have the option to get a full one-year subscription to Hulu for only $59.99 through a new, annual subscription plan. That’s 12 months for the price of 10!”

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