September 16, 2022
New Information Surfaces about the Possible New Android 12 App Hibernation Feature

First Public Details Emerge about Android’s Possible Upcoming App Hibernation Feature

Android 12 might just introduce an unused app hibernation protocol and now, the first details about the feature have appeared on the web…

Just about a week ago, we first learned about a possible new app hibernation feature for Android 12. Now, the first details have emerged as to same. Android 12 is expected to make its debut sometime in the spring and become available to the public in September. As with previously releases of the Google mobile operating system, there are plenty of rumors swirling about what it might bring. Recently, Mishaal Rahman tweeted some new details.

New Information Surfaces about the Possible New Android 12 App Hibernation Feature

Basically, we know that Google will put idle Android apps into a deep sleep that allows storage space to be optimized. If it’s a device with a single user, the app cache will be cleared in order to perform an optimization. However, the same might not be true for multi-user devices. (That’s unknown at this point.) But, it will eventually support package-level hibernation that will affect all users.

Unfortunately, it’s also not known exactly what qualifies as a candidate app for hibernation. Nor is it clear how the system determines when an app will be placed into the hibernation state — it could be a manual choice or an automatic occurrence after a predetermined amount of time.

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