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Both Instagram and Messenger Receive a New ‘Vanish Mode’ for Disappearing Chats

New Instagram and Messenger Vanish Mode Debuts

Credit: Facebook

Facebook has built a new feature into subsidiaries Instagram and Messenger called ‘vanish mode,’ bringing ephemeral chats to the platforms…

There’s a new way to chat on two of Facebook’s most popular subsidiaries — Instagram and Messenger — with disappearing conversations. Facebook has introduced a new “vanish mode,” which brings the very popular ephemeral element to another aspect of social media. If this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because Messenger already had this option, known as “secret conversations,” but that required several steps and setting a timer for each chat.

New Instagram and Messenger Vanish Mode Debuts

The new vanish mode is a first for Instagram messaging, though. However, it does requires users to opt into the platform’s new Messenger-powered chat features. Vanish mode share another familiar Snapchat element, which sends a notification when someone in a conversation takes a screenshot. So, there are ways to preserve the back-and-forth, but it certainly won’t be a secret.

Vanish mode is currently available to all Messenger users in the United States and will expand to other countries soon. Instagram will likewise follow with the feature, in the not-too-distant future.

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