September 16, 2022
Instagram bulk comment delete and pinned comments tools

Instagram Now Offers a Way to Delete Troll Comments in Bulk and will Soon Debut Pinned Comments

Instagram now lets its users remove taunting comments all at once, in bulk, and will soon offer a tool to pin positive comments, as well…

Up until now, there’s been no way to get rid of troll comments on Instagram in a single quick action. But, that’s changed, with a series of tweaks the social media site has made. Now, it’s possible to remove several troll comments simultaneously on Instagram, on both Android and iOS.

New Instagram Bulk Comment Delete and Pinned Comments Tools Rolling Out

The new Instagram bulk comment delete option can wipe away up to 25 reactions at once. On Android, just tap and hold to select multiple comments and then tap on the dotted icon to either block or restrict accounts. Over on iOS, tap “manage comments” choose up to 25, then delete. (Or tap on “more option” to block or restrict accounts.)

That’s not all, Instagram is also giving its users the ability to highlight positive feedback, as well. It will soon test a new Pinned Comments feature and of course, will give users the option to pin positive remarks to the top of threads.

Last but not least, it’s bringing over an option from parent company Facebook — the ability to decide which other users can tag and mention them. It will include everyone, only those people followed, or no one at all.

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