September 16, 2022
New Instagram Favorites Tool to give Users Some News Feed Control

Instagram might Actually give its Users a Modicum of Control Over their News Feed

Instagram is developing a new tool called “Favorites” that would ostensibly allow its 1+ billion users a little control over their News Feed…

Instagram isn’t well-known for its customization — especially when it comes to the News Feed. In fact, since it deployed an algorithm-driven aggregation, people have liked the platform less. But, it looks like the Facebook subsidiary is working to give its users at least some control over the order of what’s surfaced. This, according to Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who has spotted a new feature called “Favorites.”

New Instagram Favorites Tool to give Users Some News Feed Control

If Instagram is building the Favorites tool, it would mean users could reorder what appears at the very top of their News Feed, to one degree or another. (In fact, it would probably work much like the Close Friends option the company rolled out in 2018. That feature allowed users to share private Stories with a small group of people.) However, this would apply to the Feed and not just to privately shared stories.

Of course, because it’s being developed under the hood doesn’t mean it will actually make its way to stable, public release. Usually, social networks introduce new features in beta releases to small test groups in order to gauge if it’s popular enough to roll out to everyone on the platform.

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