June 19, 2021
Instagram grid

New Instagram Grid Layout Change Spotted in Apparent Test Run

The current three tile Instagram grid might change to four, as some users report spotting a test run which apparently reverts back and forth…

Instagram just might change its familiar three-image grid to four. The social media company is seemingly testing a limited run of its UI or user interface on the profile page. 

Possible New Instagram Grid Layout Changes Tiles from 3 to 4 Images

Rather than the current three horizontal image grid, some users see four across. But, it changes back to three. The change might be due to the growing screen sizes of smartphones. 

While this probably won’t matter much to the average user, it’s huge for brands. This is because advertisers spend hours creating campaigns which neatly align with the current three tile Instagram grid. It would also greatly impact those brands which use multi-tile images.

Instagram grid 3 tile layout
Credit: Little Damage Ice Cream Shop

Another possible reason for the change is Instagram’s changing focus from “perfect” shots to everyday images. But, it could increase user engagement as there are more images to view on a single line. If the change does occur in a full roll out, brands will have to rethink their campaigns and make changes to adapt to the new format.

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