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Instagram is Now Down-Ranking Posts that Contain False Information Flagged by Fact Checkers

New Instagram Policy Down-Ranks Posts Debunked by Fact Checkers

Credit: Instagram

Instagram is now taking more decisive action against bad information, such as hoaxes, conspiracy theories, as well as fake news…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram is finally following its parent company’s lead and doing something serious about the spread of misinformation. The social site has announced it will down-rank content that has been identified by fact checkers to contain information that’s either false or incorrect.

New Instagram Policy Down-Ranks Posts Debunked by Fact Checkers

The photo and video sharing platform — which has one of the most widely used stories format — is sending posts to third-party fact checkers, a practice which it started last year. But, those same posts could still show up in users’ feeds; that is, until now.

Instagram states the new update applies not only to coronavirus or COVID-19 misinformation, but to all content appearing in feed and Stories, that are found to include misleading or fake info by fact checkers. Even with the change, end users should not experience any disruption in their feeds.

Additionally, Instagram is launching a new feature, which it calls Co-Watching. This option allows users to view posts together through group chats. The company is rolling this out now as its experienced more traffic and there’s been a spike in calls via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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