September 16, 2022
Instagram Sensitive Content filter

New Instagram Sensitive Content Filter and Safety Measures Introduced

A newly launched Instagram Sensitive Content filter comes to the social network to provide better user experience, along with other new safety measures…

Censoring social content creates a precarious balance. Platforms must recognize freedom of speech but also, provide user tools to keep content safe, free of pornography, hate speech, threats, and more. Now, a new Instagram Sensitive Content filter is out to do just that. Additionally, Instagram is adding a number of new safety features to its network.

New Instagram Sensitive Content Filter and Safety Measures Go Live

In September of last year, Instagram announced its commitment to keep the platform a safe place. The company built tools and implemented safeguards. The digital entity is introducing a screen that covers sensitive photos and videos when users scroll through feeds. The screen might also appear on individual profiles. A screenshot of the filter appears below:

Instagram Sensitive Content filter screenshot
Credit: Instagram

The company does not outright remove images or video with this latest addition. Instead, it relies on user reports and users are able to see the content or keep scrolling.

“We’ve also developed an additional, easy-to-use site where you can learn about keeping yourself safe on Instagram. There, you can explore tools such as account blocking, comment controls, photo tagging and more. You can also connect with support services in your country and read more about how we’re building a positive community,” Kevin Systrom Co-founder and CEO, explains on the company’s blog.

Instagram also launched two-factor authentication, available sitewide. Users can simply visit their profiles, tap the gear icon, and enable two-factor authentication. Recently, the company introduced a save live video option. The social platform also announced it is expanding its shopping tags tool.

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