October 1, 2022
Instagram shopping collection

Instagram Users can Now Shop Items seen Inside Video Posts

A new Instagram shopping collection will soon debut, allowing users to select specific products in different types of posts…

Instagram continues to expand its e-commerce prowess. Today, the company announced three new product updates. Soon, its users will have the option to shop from videos in their feeds. They’ll likewise have the ability to save products to a “shopping collection.” And, shop business profiles with less friction.

New Instagram Shopping Collection Rolling Out

The announcement strategically comes before the rush of the upcoming shopping season. Instagram is making a smart play in that it’s giving users more options to buy things they see on the platform. 

After users save items to the shopping collections, they can sift through them to learn more about the selected products. 

Although the feature is available, it won’t appear inside every brand post. Only some companies have currently opted into the program. Those retailers have business pages — where users will ultimately go to buy products.

Earlier this year, Instagram started testing shopping tags on its Explore page. This is no coincidence considering the company has previously revealed 90 million users per month tap on posts to see shopping tags. What’s more, over 25 million businesses have an Instagram presence. And, 2 million companies advertise with Facebook, its parent company.

Instagram shopping collection screenshot
Credit: Instagram

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