September 15, 2022
new Instagram user ban rules

Instagram is Now Working on New Across-the-Board Rules for Banning Users

After a number of accounts were suspended, Instagram is working on new rules about user bans to treat everyone the same…

Instagram has announced it will rework its rules regarding user bans. The upcoming guidelines are aimed at offering the same treatment to everyone and will begin to go into action in the near future.

New Instagram User Ban Rules in the Works

At this time, Instagram relies on a policy which allows a given percentage of violations within a certain window of time. Such a policy creates a problem. That is, users who post more often can enjoy more leniency compared to others who post infrequently.

What this means is, people who post a lot of the time are essentially given more chances, given the fact they are, by the current rule, allowed an increased number of violations.

This practice is about to change. A new Instagram user ban rule will call for the removal of accounts after an undisclosed number of violations and an undisclosed amount of time. The new policy will apply equally to every user.

Instagram says it’s keeping specifics a secret in order to prevent bad actors from exploiting the rules.

Just the other day, Instagram revealed it will allow users to appeal post takedowns.

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