December 9, 2021
YouTube quality watch time metric

New Internal YouTube Metric, ‘Quality Watch Time,’ Reportedly Revealed

A new internal measurement at YouTube called “quality watch time,” might serve as part of the way the company quantifies legitimacy…

It’s long been understood YouTube uses key data points to quantify the impact of videos on the platform. One involves the number of views, another viewer interaction, others include subscribers, likes, comments, and more.

New Internal YouTube ‘Quality Watch Time’ Metric Uncovered

YouTube also looks at overall watch-time, all of which makes sense. Basically, figures which clearly serve to measure video performance. But, none of these really entails quality. Which means, there’s no actual differentiation between genuine content and click-bait, conspiracy theories, and low-quality clips.

Now, Bloomberg reports the following about the two new internal measurements at YouTube:

“The Google division introduced two new internal metrics in the past two years for gauging how well videos are performing, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. One tracks the total time people spend on YouTube, including comments they post and read (not just the clips they watch). The other is a measurement called “quality watch time,” a squishier statistic with a noble goal: To spot content that achieves something more constructive than just keeping users glued to their phones.”

So, one seeks to measure quality, while the other user interactions on the platform. YouTube hasn’t confirmed this but a spokesperson said, “…there are many metrics that we use to measure success.”

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