January 27, 2022
New iOS Character-Based Bug Causing Apple Devices to Crash

Quirky Character-Linked Bug in iOS is Causing Various Apple Devices to Crash

There’s a strange bug plaguing iOS devices, causing them to crash when processing a character string, and Apple is working on a fix…

A weird bug is making Apple devices crash, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, as well as Apple Watches. The issue occurs whenever affected Apple devices receive a particular character string via notifications, according to a recent report by MacRumors. It appears to consist of the emoji flag of Italy, combined with characters from the Sindhi language.

New iOS Character-Based Bug Causing Apple Devices to Crash

This isn’t the first time iOS devices have been hit with this type of bug. Just two years ago, in 2018, a character from the Telugu language did much the same. When thousands of devices attempted to process the character, they immediately crashed. 

What’s disconcerting is the fact that there is no way to prevent problematic characters from crashing devices. However, it seems that in this particular instance, the current iOS bug is only an issue through notifications. So, it’s probably best for Apple device owners to temporarily shut off notifications until there’s a fix.

Since Apple is already working on resolving the issue, it’s likely only a couple to few days before there’s a solution. Some users have already found the issue doesn’t exist on the second beta version of iOS 13.4.5, according to MacRumors.

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