November 26, 2021
New iOS FaceTime Spam Scheme is Relentlessly Plaguing iPhone and iPad Owners

This Maddening FaceTime Spam Scheme is Driving iPhone and iPad Owners Crazy and There’s No Way to Stop It

FaceTime spam calls are disturbing iPhone and iPad owners to no end, coming in at all times of day and night, with no relief in sight…

Yes, robocalls are surging in record numbers, with car warranties and health-related scams being the most placed. But, it’s not just unwanted sales solicitations. During the month of February, Americans received over 4.6 billion robocalls, an increase of 15% over January. That represents more than the amount recorded back in February of last year, which was one of the highest levels experienced at that time. However, there’s another nuisance that’s driving iPhone and iPad owners crazy. 

New iOS FaceTime Spam Scheme is Relentlessly Plaguing iPhone and iPad Owners

According to a recent report by Ars Technica, iPhone and iPad owners have been complaining about unwanted FaceTime group calls since at least last year. These aren’t the typical insurance or Microsoft support calls, either. Instead these calls are from pranksters dialing up to 31 random numbers at once and waiting for the chaos to unfold. If anyone hangs up, a different number phones back immediately. 

This creates an inescapable cycle that can last for several minutes. What’s worse, the only way to stop the chaos is to manually block each number. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have an easier way to escape. So, the most effective way to avoid the nuisance is to shut off FaceTime altogether.

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