July 30, 2021
New Jersey cashless store ban

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill which Bans All Cashless Stores in the State

A statewide New Jersey cashless store ban comes just weeks after Philadelphia did the same and decades after Massachusetts…

Just yesterday, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law banning cashless stores in the Garden State. It follows the city of Philadelphia which passed a similar law earlier this month and decades after Massachusetts which did so in 1978.

New Jersey Bans Cashless Stores after Philadelphia does the Same

It appears like a direct assault against retailers like Amazon Go and other companies which only accept credit cards or app payments. However, the New Jersey law does exempt parking garages and rental car companies, which often require upfront charges for incidentals. (There are a few other carve-outs, as well.)

State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty wrote in a statement:

“Many people don’t have access to consumer credit, and any effort by retail establishments to ban the use of cash is discriminatory towards those people.”

Moriarty also raised privacy concerns about non-cash transactions, saying people:

“…don’t want every aspect of their life recorded, stored, and monetized by credit card companies, right down to the purchase of a stick of gum.”

Businesses violating the new law can be fined $2,500 for a first offense. A second offense carries a fine of $5,000, increasing thereafter. The New York City Council is also discussing such a ban.

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