July 4, 2022
New KB5010414 Windows 11 Update Causes CPU Overheating and Printing Issues

Don’t Install the Most Recent Windows 11 Update because it’s Overheating CPUs and Causes Printing Issues

Microsoft has released its KB5010414 update for Windows 11 through the Insider Program, and it’s causing CPU overheating and printing problems…

Microsoft has made its latest iteration of Windows 11 available for Insider Program participants. Update KB5010414 is a fairly significant patch for the Windows 11 operating system. But, some testers have already noted that issues are appearing on their systems after installing it. (Which demonstrates why the beta-testing platform for early adopters exists, to uncover bugs.)

New KB5010414 Windows 11 Update Causes CPU Overheating and Printing Issues

Insider Program experimenters who have downloaded the KB5010414 update for Windows 11 have experienced a few big problems. The most troubling is overheating due to excessive CPU loads, along with new printing issues. (The latter are unrelated to those that previously plagued both Windows 11 and Windows 10 users.) However, Microsoft will iron out these issues. So, everyday users probably won’t have to deal with the problems.

Windows is a very complex operating system. This is why Microsoft instituted the Insider Program. It allows keen enthusiasts who are aware of the risks to test upcoming updates for anything that can cause issues, to ensure that fewer problems are created when the full version of that update is released to the general public.

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