September 20, 2022
New LastPass Security Dashboard Warns Users if Their Passwords are on the Dark Web

This Tool Tells its Users if Their Passwords are Floating around on the Dark Web

LastPass now has an enhanced Security Dashboard, which notifies users if their passwords are showing up on the dark web…

In today’s environment, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of every personal username and password. The average person probably couldn’t recite more than a few of their own (unless they’ve made the huge mistake of using the same credentials over and over again). So, there are password managers, like LastPass.

New LastPass Security Dashboard Warns Users if Their Passwords are on the Dark Web

The site now offers a new Security Dashboard that’s built on its previous Security Challenge functionality. The LastPass Security Dashboard lists all logins, including a breakdown of passwords that are old, inactive, weak, or have been reused in more than one place. Clicking on any credential takes the user right to the web page where they can updated their login information.

A recent update also brings dark web monitoring. If enabled, LastPass will proactively check the user’s online accounts against Enzoic’s compromised credentials database. If an issue is detected, the user will be notified by email, as well as through the mobile app. (Dark web monitoring is only available to Premium members, along with Family and Business subscribers.)

Google also offers something similar. It recently integrated its Password Checkup extension right into its Chrome browser

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