January 12, 2022
true Lights Out dark mode added to Twitter iOS app

Twitter Just Added a True Dark Mode to Its iOS Mobile App called “Lights Out,” with Android and Desktop coming Soon

Twitter has introduced a true dark theme, called “Lights Out,” for its iOS mobile app, with Android and desktop to get the feature soon…

Although Twitter added a night mode back in 2016 for its mobile interface, it didn’t include a key element. The microblog never delivered a black color scheme. That is, until now.

Previously, the Twitter night mode was merely a blue-and-grey layout, designed to strain the eyes less in low-light situations. All of this is changing, thanks to a new option called “Lights Out,” which is debuting on its iOS mobile app.

New “Lights Out,” True Twitter iOS App Dark Mode, Rolls Out

Twitter has released its new Lights Out mode for Apple device users and people can not only manually enable it, but also, can set it up for automation. 

Android devices already have the latter option, which rolled out in 2017. Now, the microblog is expanding it. Meaning, whenever the Twitter app detects it’s nighttime, it will automatically switch over to the dark mode.

For those users who prefer the blue-and-grey look, called “Dim,” it’s still available. So, there’s another option to give users more granular control.

Twitter says its new color palette does not emit any lights, because it turns the pixels off. That translates into longer battery life, as well as less eye strain.

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