September 16, 2022
linkedin active status

New LinkedIn Active Status Feature Quietly Added to Desktop and Mobile App

Microsoft just slipped a new feature into its professional networking platform called LinkedIn Active Status in messaging and it’s turned on by default…

New to LinkedIn Messaging on desktop and mobile is Microsoft’s latest communication tool, which the company enabled by default. Dubbed “Active Status,” it’s much like rival Facebook, which shows a green dot next to users active on the platform, LinkedIn now does much the same.

New LinkedIn Active Status Feature Enabled by Default

Microsoft, which officially acquired the professional networking site in December of last year, quietly rolled out Active Status and automatically turned it on. But, users who do not want the feature enabled can easily turn it off in their profile settings at-will.

By simply visiting LinkedIn on desktop or laptop, members can click on their profile picture in the main horizontal menu, scroll to “Settings & Privacy,” click over to the Privacy tab at the top of the screen, and slide the button under “Display your active status” to the left: There’s a disclaimer under the button which reads, “*Changes may take up to 30 minutes.”

linkedin turn off active status

LinkedIn members see a hollowed out green circle when a user isn’t actively on the platform but does have push notifications turned on in their mobile app. If no green circle appears, it means a connection isn’t currently active on the desktop or mobile version or that person has already disabled Active Status.

LinkedIn just introduced new posting features last week, which include multiple image support and a pre-publishing draft sharing option. The company also teamed-up with Samsung to market the Bixby AI assistant.

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