May 20, 2022
new LinkedIn features

New LinkedIn Features Debut to Encourage More Usage

Professional networking platform LinkedIn, currently in a $26.2 billion sale to Microsoft since June, is rolling out new features to encourage more use…

LinkedIn is introducing new features designed to keep its 450 million users on the network longer. The move will bolster its data worth to Microsoft, the company buying the platform for $26.2 billion — a deal struck in June.

If successful, members will post more often, add new connections, and engage in other behaviors, offering insight into their careers and interests. “There’s a flywheel there. The more we understand who you are…, the more personal an experience we can create,” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said. This no doubt signals the professional network is actively seeking more user data.

New LinkedIn Features are Designed to Increase User Activity on the Networking Platform

Among the new features is LinkedIn Learning, training videos to assist professionals in learning new skills, like coding. The technology behind it comes from, a $1.5 billion acquisition the connection platform obtained in April.

LinkedIn explains it is refining its news feed to provide members with more timely and relevant content. This happens by using different criteria, such as a user’s employer, industry, job title, and geographic location. The new feed will no longer default to the latest connections’ posts. 

In addition to these, the network connection company improved its desktop messaging features to help its users connect quicker with others who might assist in employment opportunities.

These features provide an opportunity for LinkedIn to learn more about its millions of members — a key reason software giant Microsoft agreed to buy the professional networking site. Recently, LinkedIn launched an improved publishing platform and also introduced a Sponsored Updates conversion tracking tool.

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