May 20, 2022
LinkedIn notification features

New LinkedIn Notification Features Roll Out

New LinkedIn notification features are now live on the professional networking platform, including search statistics, customization options, and more…

LinkedIn just announced it’s bringing new notification features to its site, which include a daily rundown, as well as customization options for its members. 

New LinkedIn Notification Features Introduced

The professional networking site states it routinely looks for ways to improve UX or user experience, so its members see more content that is useful to them. 

“The Notifications tab on LinkedIn is where you can go to access timely and relevant updates about your network where you can see activity about you, the content you’ve shared, and your connections. Notifications can help you start a conversation and connect to new career opportunities — we show you job listings you may be interested in, updates when someone you know starts a new position, details on who you’re meeting with next, and much more,” Naman Goel explains.

LinkedIn announced on its official blog it is introducing a Daily Rundown notification that gives members a summary of the top news. It’s also offering Search Appearances, which is a weekly notification that lets users see how many people found a member’s profile through a LinkedIn search. 

The network also states it’s rolling out notification customization options, with include the ability to mute or unmute notifications, unfollow updates from particular connections, and the ability to completely turn off certain types of notifications. Additionally, members will soon be able to delete notification they no longer wish to see. Moreover, if members do not want to alert others to their own profile changes, users will also have the ability to turn off those updates.

Watch  the video below to see the new LinkedIn notification features:

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