January 19, 2022

LinkedIn Now Supports Multiple Post Photos, Introduces Article Draft Sharing before Publishing

New LinkedIn posting features come to the professional networking platform, including supporting multiple images in posts, and article draft sharing…

LinkedIn offers a powerful marketing prowess to experts who share their experiences and skill sets through posts. Now, the professional networking site is stepping up its functionality by supporting multiple pictures in posts.

New LinkedIn Posting Features Go Live

The ability to add an image to an article greatly enhances its visual appeal and helps readers imagine. But, if a picture is worth a thousand words, more than one photo exponentially increases the impact.

“We know there are moments when one photo doesn’t do the experience justice. For example, when you want to post highlights from a conference you attended, or show off your team building event. For these moments and many more, we’ve now added the ability to share multiple images in a single post,” LinkedIn explains.

The company also just added a draft sharing feature, allowing members to write a post and share it with one or more people. This generates a link which is only visible to shared profiles and the author. The new draft sharing feature is ideal for those who aren’t confident about their writing skills and/or the ebb-and-flow of a pre-published post.

LinkedIn likewise added a comment disabling feature for posts and articles on the platform. Members can remove mentions of themselves inside posts or comments at-will. Additionally, LinkedIn posts can now be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more, via URLs from the control menu.

Back in June, LinkedIn added support for images in the comments section. In May, the professional networking site introduced photo filters and editing tools.

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