October 3, 2022
LinkedIn Publishing platform

New LinkedIn Publishing Platform Debuts

The new LinkedIn Publishing platform is live, giving users the ability to reach a larger audience and improve author-to-user engagement…

The newest LinkedIn Publishing platform interface recently debuted, available to its estimated 450 million worldwide users. Approximately 3 million registered users have published content on the site, including 500 influencers who regularly contribute articles.

The Newest LinkedIn Publishing Platform Debuts

LinkedIn acquired the newsreader app Pulse for $50 million in 2013, explaining the professional networking site planned to become the go-to “definitive professional publishing platform.” Toward the end of 2013, the company refreshed the app and introduced Influencers in the spring of 2014.

It’s known articles less than 2,000 words work best on the site. In addition, catchy, creative headlines perform better than other types of titles. Among the highest performing content types are about salary negotiation, creative networking ideas, and storytelling. Lists perform well but clickbait (not surprisingly) performs poorly. 

The newest LinkedIn Publishing platform iteration focuses on design. It boasts a pleasant UI, with more text and font formatting options. Gone is the extraneous junk, providing readers with a far less cluttered experience. Users are able to add multimedia via drag-and-drop, including video, slides, and podcasts. The new platform also supports hashtags. (Hashtags are already enabled on the LinkedIn mobile app and will later appear on desktop.)

LinkedIn Publishing employs open source editor Quill, which uses a Document Object Management (DOM) abstraction layer. This technology speeds up the publishing process and makes it more reliable. The professional networking site plans to add other features, like collaborative editing, as well as custom rich media.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates recently added improved, deeper analytic tracking features. The company recently found itself involved in a small controversy over its proprietary site search results gender bias.

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