September 16, 2022
New Malware Steals Credit Card Information and Crypto-Wallet Credentials

Microsoft Warns Consumers about New Malware that Can Steal Credit Card Info and Crypto Currency

A new malware targets Windows users in order to steal their credit card payment information, along with crypto currency accounts…

Microsoft Security Intelligence or MSI is warning Windows users that a new malware is posing a real theft threat. The new malicious code, called Anubis malware, seems to use code found in Loki. It can steal sensitive financial account information, including crypto-wallet credentials and credit card information. MSI initially discovered the malware back in June in a cybercriminal underground.

New Malware Steals Credit Card Information and Crypto-Wallet Credentials

Microsoft stresses that it appears there is some good news, in that the malicious code can be controlled. Moreover, that it has only been deployed in “what appears to be limited, initial campaigns that have so far only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers.” However, there are websites that do trick consumers into downloading Anubis. Once installed, it steals sensitive information and then sends the data back to hackers.

Microsoft Security Intelligence says that it will continue to monitor the threat. As always, it’s highly advisable to not open any suspicious emails and/or to click on any links contained therein. This is due to the fact that it’s based on the Loki code, which used social engineering techniques to target its victims. Those communications contained attachments which unload the malware when opened.

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