September 17, 2022
new Meetup RSVP fee test

Meetup is Now Charging a New $2 Fee to RSVP to Events and Some Users are Livid

Meetup is running an experiment, which charges some users $2 to RSVP to events and unsurprisingly, not everyone is happy about it…

Not all changes are welcome and one company is quickly learning that lesson. Meetup, an online platform that lets people with similar interests get together IRL, is testing out a new payment structure.

New Meetup RSVP Fee Test Upsetting Users

The digital space is charging a subset of users a $2 to respond to events they’re interested in attending. Prior to the roll out of this test, Meetup only charged event organizers. (Event organizers are charged $9.99 and $23.99 per month, depending on the location and subscription level.)

Of course, not everyone is happy with the new fee.

Some are even creating alternatives.

Meetup wrote on a support page:

“UPDATE October 15, 2019 1:30 pm ET

This payment change is currently only a limited test for a small number of groups. Organizers of these select groups have the option to opt-out of this test. We will not be making any significant payment changes in the near term. We are committed to providing advance notice before any changes go into effect.”

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