February 24, 2021
New Microsoft Edge Sidebar Search Feature and Pinterest Integration Coming Soon

Microsoft is Adding a New Sidebar Search Feature and Bringing Pinterest Integration into its Edge Browser

Microsoft is about to add two new tools to its Edge internet browser — a sidebar search option and integration with social site Pinterest…

Software giant Microsoft has just recently revealed its plans to integrate two new key features into its Edge web browser. Both promise to add a new level of convenience through more robust functionality. But, not everyone using its Edge internet browser will be able to use the new options — at least in the near future.

New Microsoft Edge Sidebar Search Feature and Pinterest Integration Coming Soon

The first new Microsoft Edge browser addition comes with the integration of a sidebar search tool that’s intended to let people conduct web searches without the need to leave a tab. Just highlight text on a page and then right-click to trigger the “search in sidebar,” and populate the results to the side.

Also, Pinterest is partnering with Microsoft to place suggestions to the Collections feature inside the Edge browser. Collections is for grouping content, such as links, images, and text into one place. With the update, Pinterest suggestions will appear at the bottom of Collections. And, users can opt to export Collections to Pinterest or to OneNote.

The new additions will first be available only to Edge testers in the coming weeks. So, it’s unknown when (or even if) the features will make their way out to wide, stable release on a future build of the browser.

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