January 17, 2022
New Microsoft Family Safety Cross-Device Parental Control App Released

Microsoft Releases a New Parental Control App that Works with Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox

Microsoft Family Safety is a new application that is supported on multiple devices, allowing parents to control more of what their children see…

Software giant Microsoft has introduced a new app that brings cross-device parental controls to Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox. It allows parents to keep their kids from encountering inappropriate content and even displays where family members are located, to the point it will tell users when two or more family members are in the same place.

New Microsoft Family Safety Cross-Device Parental Control App Released

The new Microsoft Family Safety suite includes a web filter that works with the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows. It’s also compatible with Android, and Xbox. The app is also able to place limits on individual devices and other, third-party apps, as well. For instance, if a game is available on Xbox and Android, both platforms will share the same parent-set limits.

Another handy feature of the Microsoft Family Safety app is its location functionality. For instance, users can opt to receive notifications when family members leave from or arrive at particular destinations. Another safety check is a tool called “insights on driving behavior,” which provides information on how family members act behind the wheel. (These two later features, however, are exclusive to Office 365 subscribers.)

The app is available on the Google Play Store and through the Apple App Store.

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