September 17, 2022
New Microsoft Video Authenticator to Identify Deepfakes

New Technology by Microsoft will Warn People when it Detects Media that’s Been Manipulated

Microsoft is bringing a new technology to the public that identifies photo and video deepfakes, just in time for the upcoming election…

As the election draws closer, a substantial increase of misinformation and fake news is fully expected. Fortunately, Microsoft has devoted a huge amount of resources to helping people readily recognize when media isn’t real. Through its Defending Democracy Program, the software behemoth is releasing its new Microsoft Video Authenticator, which will analyze still images and video, then assign them authenticity scores. 

New Microsoft Video Authenticator to Identify Deepfakes

With the new Microsoft Video Authenticator, users will see a percentage chance that the analyzed media is either genuine or manipulated. The company says that the tool works by examining subtle elements that aren’t necessarily discernible to the human eye. Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President of Customer Security & Trust, and Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer explain:

“Video Authenticator can analyze a still photo or video to provide a percentage chance, or confidence score, that the media is artificially manipulated. In the case of a video, it can provide this percentage in real-time on each frame as the video plays. It works by detecting the blending boundary of the deepfake and subtle fading or greyscale elements that might not be detectable by the human eye.”

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