December 9, 2021
Mobile Snapchat Custom Geofinder

New Mobile Snapchat Custom Geofilter Rolls Out

New smartphone Snapchat custom geofinder filters come to the popular mobile app, giving users more personalization options for their Snaps…

Snapchat says it receives tens of thousands of Geofilters every day from its users for various occasions and events, such as weddings, parties, vacations, graduations, and more. Now, the popular mobile native app makes it easier for Snappers to design custom filters.

New Smartphone Snapchat Custom Geofinder Debut

Snapchat recently released new Creative Tools for decorating snaps, along with custom filters. Snapper can simply go to “On-Demand Geofilters” right inside the smartphone app to check out the newly introduced creative studio. Inside the studio, users can personalize Snaps with text, Bitmojis, as well as Stickers. 

After creating the filter, users finish their filters, they can set a location for them to appear. “Once your masterpiece is complete, choose where you’d like your filter to appear and when. Your Geofilter can cover an event or entire block — for an hour or up to ninety days. Pricing starts at $5.99. You’ll hear from Snapchat when your Geofilter is approved to confirm payment and details,” Snapchat explains

The new mobile Snapchat custom geofilters follow the release of Snap Map, a user geo-tagging feature. The company also introduced new Bitmoji friend filters in early June, following the release of Custom Stories in late May. Snapchat reached 166 million daily active users in the same month but its growth slowed.

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