September 21, 2022
new Movies Anywhere watch party feature debuts

Now, Movies Anywhere Joins the Watch Party Craze

Movies Anywhere unveils its new “Watch Together” option, following several other streaming and social media platforms offering similar features…

Prior to the pandemic, hosting (and watching) a movie viewing party wasn’t exactly the best experience. For instance, the technology was plagued with problems, like falling out of sync and conversations might have easily resulted in frustrating audio feedback. But, through the pandemic, tech companies have put a lot of resources into making it work right. Now, Movies Anywhere is jumping on the bandwagon. 

New Movies Anywhere Watch Party Feature Debuts

It’s appropriately called “Watch Together,” and it works with up to nine people. Plus, it’s available on the mobile app, the web, and compatible with smart TVs. However, it does have some limitations. For example, it only supports nine viewers and each participant must have an active profile that’s set to PG-13 or higher. 

Another drawback is the fact that even though the Movies Anywhere app is free, any Watch Together viewers must either purchase the title or obtain a Screen Pass. (Screen Pass is a beta release that allows users to share certain, already-purchased titles with others for limited-time viewing.)

To start a Movies Anywhere Watch Together viewing party, all that’s needed to search for a title. Then, on the details page, select “Watch Together,” and “I want to host” buttons. This generates a 6-character code and unique URL to share with invitees.

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