September 16, 2022
New National Geographic Homeschooling Portal goes Live

National Geographic Releases a New Homeschooling Resource for

National Geographic has rolled out a new homeschooling resource for K through 12 students, including articles, videos, and more educational content…

The COVID-19 pandemic has many schools shut down. And, with children staying home, there’s an increased need to keep them sharp. So, National Geographic has a solution. “At home for a while with your kids? Don’t want their brains to go stale? We’ve got you covered. Here are quizzes, videos, science experiments, and even at-home classroom resources.” 

New National Geographic Homeschooling Portal goes Live

It’s called NatGeo@Home and it’s a free digital resource for students K-12. It essentially pools together much of the organization’s family-friendly educational content into one spot. And, it serves as a great presentation tool for teachers and parents alike. 

The new NatGeo@Home resource consists of materials from the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Kids, along with various other tools and services. Plus, it gives people access to the Learn at Home portal, which contains articles, lessons, videos, other online activities and more.

All the content is neatly organized, to make it easier to find and navigate. It’s categorized into three tags: “read,” “watch” and “play.” The first are articles, while the second is videos, and the third activities. What’s more, there are lesson plans available which parents and teachers can save to their own libraries — if signed into the site.

Additionally, it hosts Explorer Classroom, which includes live video talks conducted by conservationists, scientists, filmmakers, explorers and other experts, that airs weekdays at 2 PM EDT.

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