September 16, 2022
new NBC Peacock Android streaming app doesn't appear in Google Play Store search results

Even Though NBC Launched its Heavily-Promoted Peacock Service Today, the Android App can’t be Found by Searching on the Google Play Store

NBC’s new Peacock streaming service rolled out today but its Android app can’t be located by searching the Google Play Store…

The Peacock streaming platform by NBC debuted in the United States today. And, since it comes jam-packed with hours upon hours of free content, it is expected to gain a lot of viewers in its early days. However, Android users searching for the app won’t find it on the Google Play Store, because it’s not listed. 

New NBC Peacock Android Streaming App Doesn’t Appear in Google Play Store Search Results

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to locate. Instead of searching for “Peacock,” which brings up several results, a direct link is required to find it. This is strange, due to the fact NBC promoted it so widely. Plus, detailed all the places it would be available on launch. Those include its own mobile apps and websites, along with Android TV, Chromecast, LG and Vizio TVs alike, and the PlayStation 4, as well.

There is an explanation. A spokesperson for Peacock tells CNET that the company doesn’t have full control of all the places where it’s supposed to appear: 

“We do not have control over when platforms release and surface the app to their users, but the app is now live. We have a large marketing and promotional plan with Google, which you will see across Google platforms starting today.”

Conversely, Apple is outright promoting its new iOS Peacock app in the company’s App Store. (It also surfaces in search results.)

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