June 24, 2022
Netflix Latest section

Netflix Adds a ‘Latest’ Section, Telling Viewers about New Releases

Netflix brings a new ‘Latest’ option to its television app, and other devices, alerting viewers to new releases on the platform…

Netflix is all about on-demand. The streaming service is well-known for its large library of content. That’s a big part of its appeal. But, it has a downside — finding and settling on something to watch.

Now, it’s more organized, with a new Latest section. The feature is already live, being located on the sidebar of the television app. It’s also available on streaming devices, along with game consoles. (Though it’s conspicuously absent on the web.)

New Netflix Latest Section Rolls Out

The new Netflix Latest section is updated daily with any new additions to to library. It’s similar to the “coming soon” section which lives in the Android app. 

Until now, subscribers had to rely either on the “new releases” or the “trending now” sections. But, with the Latest section also comes two others — one shows title which will arrive the following week — while the other displays titles the week thereafter.

Better yet, the new Netflix Latest section is curated to individual members, based on their preferences and viewing history.

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