October 20, 2021

Netflix Viewers can Now Set ‘Remind Me’ Alerts to Notify them when New Shows Arrive

Netflix has added a new tool to allow its subscribers find newly available content, with an alerted appropriately called “Remind Me”…

Popular streaming service Netflix adds new titles to its catalog all the time. But, finding new shows and movies isn’t exactly the easiest task for viewers. This is why Netflix is rolling out a new tool, called “Remind Me,” which notifies people when content arrives on the platform.

New Netflix ‘Remind Me’ Alerts Subscribers to Show Arrivals

The new Netflix ‘Remind Me’ option debuts alongside another addition — a “Latest” tab or section. So, even if customers don’t set reminders, they can still quickly locate the newest titles. 

Plus, the “Latest” section not only includes content already available, it will list titles coming in the current week and the one after that, as well.

Both features actually started reaching users in August but it will take at least a few weeks to go live on all compatible devices. Netflix states smart TVs and others will see the tools in the “coming months.”

It’s a savvy move on the part of Netflix, given it relies on viewers constantly coming back to find and enjoy more content. Both feature could help boost viewership and assist with retaining subscriptions.

“…we’re excited to roll out a new feature designed to alert members like you about what’s new and coming soon. The new ‘Latest’ tab, located on the left side navigation bar, will break titles down into three helpful new categories: ‘New This Week,’ ‘Coming This Week,’ and ‘Coming Next Week.’”

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