September 21, 2021
Nexit navigation app

Here’s a Super Helpful, Smart Feature this New Navigation App has Over Competitors Google Maps and Waze

The new Nexit navigation app does something that neither Google Maps or subsidiary Waze can do and it’s definitely worthwhile…

Both Google Maps and Waze pack a ton of useful tools. For instance, Maps now includes four incident reporting tools — “Construction,” “Lane closure,” “Disabled vehicle,” and “Object on the road.” Meanwhile, Waze just added “Snow Warnings” to its interface.

But, a new navigation app called Nexit is bringing a much-needed feature to the public — grouping route stops by exits.

New Nexit App includes a Multi-Faceted Smart Search Feature

The new Nexit navigation app sports a helpful grouping tool. It puts together stops along routes, arranging them by exit, as well as by price and amenities.

While Google Maps does have something similar, where this really differs is it filters out stops that are out-of-the-way and only appear along the route. Forbes explains it this way:

“…Nexit lets you customize a search by selecting multiple criteria at once, which is very handy when you’re looking for, say, a hotel under $125 a night that accept pets and has a gym, an indoor pool, and free breakfast. Hungry? You can search for a favorite chain, type of food, dietary restrictions or options that have dine-in, drive-thru, take-out, open 24 hours, full bar, kids play area and more.”

The Nexit team describes its mobile app on its website this way:

“The smartest map you’ll ever use. 

Nexit can anticipate your route and show you road-trip-relevant restaurants, hotels, gas stations, shops, and attractions up ahead, grouped by exit.”

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