April 30, 2021
Opera tracker blocker

Latest Opera Browser Tracks Website Trackers and Speeds Up Pages

The new Opera tracker blocker not only lists how sites track users, it also helps to boost page load times, particularly when paired with its ad-blocker…

Although Google Chrome dominates the web browser market share with a commanding 67+ percent, others are attempting to carve out niches to attract more users. Opera is one, which unveiled a tracker blocker in its previous release.

Now, its touting the benefits of the tool, writing in a press release:

“Once you switch it on, a shield icon appears in the address bar where you can easily see the number of trackers being blocked, as well as a list of said trackers.”

It’s not just about privacy, but also, speed.

New Opera Tracker Blocker Helps Increase Speed

The latest version of the Opera browser not only tracks trackers and blocks them, it likewise doubles as a speed booster.

In fact, the company states its tracker blocker increases speeds by up to 20 percent. What’s more, when paired with its proprietary ad-blocker, speeds can increase by as much as 76 percent.

Of course, there’s a caveat. More and more websites are equipping themselves with ad-blocker detectors. When integrated, those sites refuse to load pages unless users disable their ad-blockers. Moreover, some go further, implementing a tracking blocker, which blocks tracker blockers.

Opera currently claims a market share of about 1.53 percent, well behind Firefox, with 9.15 percent and IE at 7.76 percent.

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