November 4, 2022
Pandora listening modes

Pandora Now Allows its User to Chose from Six Different Algorithmic Feeds

Pandora Modes, a new way for users to pick playlists, will give people more granular control over their listening experiences…

Popular music streaming service Pandora is now letting users take more control over their customized radio stations. The new option, called Pandora Modes, gives listeners the power to enjoy music they like.

New Pandora Listening Modes Let Users Pick from Six Different Algorithms

Previously, Pandora’s default algorithm¬†automatically selected songs based on what users chose when starting a new artist station. The new alternatives let users switch to different curation models for different experiences.

Even better, the new Pandora Modes improve song and artist choices the more users interact with them. So, every thumbs-up and thumbs-down helps the service to better customize what it brings up as the next track.

There are now six listening modes: My Station, Crowd Faves, Deep Cuts, Discovery, Newly Released, and Artist Only. 

My Station is the original Pandora algorithm, while Crowd Faves includes songs given the thumbs-up with other users. Deep Cuts surfaces lesser-known songs from a particular artist or within a specific genre.

Meanwhile, Discovery will include additional artists not usually played on the station. Newly Released will play songs from an artist or from a genre, while Artist Only will curate songs from one artist.

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