September 18, 2022

New Patent Reveals Google News Ranking Algorithm

google news search algorithm patentWashington, DC–A new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office gives a lot of insight as to the future of organic ranking in Google News. The patent drafted and filed by the search engine giant is practically a road map for how to rank high organically within the News category.

Embracing what is becoming the future of semantic search, coupled with the latest search engine optimization trends being set, the “formula” to gain an advantage in Google News. The following factors are explicitly spelled out in the patent:

  • Number of articles produced by a news organization during a given time period.
  • Average length of articles from a news organization.
  • Importance of coverage from the news organization.
  • Circulation/syndication of the story.
  • Size of the staff associated with the news organization.
  • Number of news bureaus a news organization has.
  • Number of original named entities used in the story.
  • Writing style.
  • Number of non-duplicate articles produced by the news organization.
  • Breaking news score, which is measured as the ability of the news organization to publish a story soon after the event has occurred.

Filed in February of 2012, the details of the patent are just emerging, being uncovered thanks to a report by Computerworld. The SEO community will find the disclosures of particular importance, as well as businesses large and small who seek to gain more organic rank exposure.

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