November 6, 2022
New PayPal Phishing Scheme Targets Users with Fraudulent Text Messages

This New Phishing Scheme is Effectively Targeting PayPal Users

PayPal users are being targeted by a new scam that involves genuine-looking text messages, which is successfully stealing sensitive info…

There’s a new sham making its rounds around the internet, particularly related to PayPal. Like other schemes, it uses some very convincing methods to fool people and ultimately to steal their money. Although little about the scam is truly novel, it’s the deception that’s the most impressive. Per usual, the scammers rely on fear-mongering in order to trick potential victims into giving up sensitive personal information.

New PayPal Phishing Scheme Targets Potential Victims with Fraudulent Text Messages

The new PayPal phishing — or smishing — campaign starts with an SMS alert. It informs the recipient that his or her PayPal account has been partially suspended due to suspicious activity. Of course, the message directs the victim to click on a link to verify his or her account. Said link actually leads to a fake login page. Once the victim enters their login credentials, the thieves make off with this information and can use it to loot the account and/or for further fraudulent activity.

Since so many people reuse the same login information across multiple accounts, the attackers attempt to compromise other accounts. So, it’s very important to not only use unique login credentials for every account, but to also scrutinize such text messages in order to avoid being victimized.

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