October 28, 2020
Pinterest organization tools

Pinterest Releases New Organizing Tools

A few new Pinterest organization tools gives Pinners the power to archive boards, reorder sections, and rearrange Pins to their liking…

Pinterest has launched a few new, neat organizational options. While the company evolves its search tools, the digital pinboard is likewise making improvements to give users more flexibility. Back in November, the company rolled out “Sections.” That feature helps Pinners group like ideas together, rather than just adding them all to a single board. It greatly reduces clutter and makes things easy-to-find.

New Pinterest Organization Tools Introduced

Now, the company is making more improvements in that same organizational way. The first is the new archive feature, which precisely performs its namesake. When a user is done with a particular board, it can easily be archived, hidden out-of-the-way. What’s more, archiving a board turns off suggestions. So, Pinners won’t see suggestions they are no longer interested in for the time being. Just tap on Edit and then select Archive. Archived boards remain available to view and share, for convenience sake.

Users can also use the new reorder sections option. “We’re now adding the ability to rearrange those sections so it’s easier to access them. For example, if you’re taking a trip, you can order sections according to your itinerary. If you’re meal planning, you can move this week’s recipes to the top of your board,” Pinterest explains.

Credit: Pinterest

On iOS and desktop, this works by long-pressing a section and then dragging to reorder it. Android users can simply open a board, tap Organize, and then reorder. Additionally, the digital pinboard now lets users reorganize Pins, one of its top requests. Here again, on iOS or the web, long-press a Pin, then drag and drop it into the desired location. 

Credit: Pinterest

Furthermore, Pinterest added Sort boards, an option to sort content by alphabetical order, most recently saved, creation date (newest or oldest), as well as custom ordering.