August 5, 2021
new Pinterest product pin selling tools

Pinterest Users will Soon See More Product Pins, Thanks to New Selling Tools

New Pinterest product pin selling tools will make offering items for sale easier, so expect to encounter these listings more often…

The Pinterest experience might soon greatly change. That’s because the site just opened new selling tools and is now allowing companies to upload their entire catalogs. In other words, get ready to see a whole lot more for sale. 

New Pinterest Product Pin Tools Roll Out

Basically, sellers can create pseudo digital storefronts on Pinterest. In addition, the site now allows businesses to publish Shopping Ads right from their feeds. Moreover, it is bringing shopping recommendations based on users’ saved pins to the “More Ideas” section.

When people view a product pin, they’ll see a new dedicated area at the bottom showcasing the company’s other items. Clicking or tapping on “more from [name]” redirects users to the company’s catalog.

Pinterest originally introduced buyable pins about four years ago, in 2015. Since that time, the site has expanded its retail prowess. With such new additions, it’s more clear than ever Pinterest seeks to become a shopping destination. (It’s why the company created its visual search tool, which gives users the power to take real-life products and then search for them on the platform.) 

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