November 7, 2022
new Pinterest vaccine search filter

Pinterest Now Only Surfaces Legitimate Information about Vaccines Posted by Recognized Health Groups

Pinterest is taking additional measures to stop the spread of misinformation, particularly about vaccines with new policies…

Back in February, Pinterest came up with a clever solution to deal with the spread of misleading information — it simply blocked it from search results. Now, the digital pinboard is taking that a step further.

New Pinterest Vaccine Search Filter goes Live

Pinterest now only surfaces information from reputable sources when users or Pinners search for terms like “measles” or “vaccine safety.”  These include organizations such as Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Additionally, people will no longer be able to comment on such pins and the network will not show recommendations. Moreover, Pinterest will not display ads alongside these types of pins.

Ifeoma Ozoma, Public Policy and Social Impact Manager explains:

“Last year, we made the decision to stop showing results for searches related to vaccines as a way to prevent people from encountering harmful health misinformation. This new search experience only shows content from leading public health institutions—you won’t see any recommendations or comments on Pins in these results. We also won’t show ads. We’re taking this approach because we believe that showing vaccine misinformation alongside resources from public health experts isn’t responsible.”

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