July 4, 2022
New Pinterest Virtual Augmented Reality Makeup Try-On Tool Debuts

Pinterest Introduces a New Feature that Lets Users Virtually Try On Makeup through its Lens Technology

Pinterest just made it possible for its users to try on makeup with its Lens tech, from some of the most recognized brands in beauty…

We’re ever-closer to the futuristic reality long described in works of science fiction. Part of that is the ability to try on clothing and makeup without actually having the physical products in-hand. Pinterest is making more and more strides toward that goal, most prominently through its Lens technology.

New Pinterest Virtual Augmented Reality Makeup Try-On Tool Debuts

A new Pinterest virtual AR makeup try-on tool allows Pinners to see just how colors and shades look on them. It works with familiar brands such as Sephora, Urban Decay, NYX, and LancĂ´me, allowing users to search, try out, and buy.

The Pinterest Try On option is powered by Lens, and offers the ability to change up colors, shades, and more.

However, it doesn’t include any gimmicks. Unlike some other tools on the internet, it does not offer any skin smoothing or image altering effects. Instead, Pinterest says that it’s promoting the idea that its users should be comfortable with their “authentic selves.”

Although, the feature does have a range of skin tones, so Pinners are able to see makeup on skin tones that match up with their own.

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