January 13, 2022
new premium WordPress small business themes

New Premium WordPress Small Business and Photo Blog Themes Debut

A new premium WordPress small business theme is now available for purchase, as well as a new Photo Blog premium theme for visual storytellers…

WordPress.com just introduced two new premium themes: Small Business and Photo Blog. The former is affordably priced at an introductory fee of $5, while the latter is only priced at $36. (Or, free with a Premium or Business plan.)

New Premium WordPress Small Business Theme Released, Along with New Photo Blog Theme

The new WordPress.com premium Small Business theme comes complete with video instructions. It shows users how to use key features to make the site work at its optimum. Small Business sports a single-column layout and utilizes system fonts for faster load times. Features include: contact information, a promo area, and style packs. The style packs include three looks: Modern Flair, Country Charm, and Classic Elegance.

Additionally, the Photo Blog design comes ready to best display creative work. Photo Blog styles a default square layout, with two other optional layout choices: Grid and Masonry. Featured Image Filters allow users to apply faded Reyes, black-and-white Willow, saturated Lo-fi, along with twenty-three other options. Also, Photo Blog contains three Style Packs: Elegant, Retro Photo, and Vintage Paper.

WordPress.com continues to add more functionalities and flexibilities, making it a more realistic alternative to self-hosted WP sites. Back in August, the company added third-party plugin and theme support. To learn more, simply visit the official WordPress.com blog.