October 1, 2022
New Purple Fox Malware Windows Botnet is Growing at an Alarming Rate

There’s a Dangerous New Windows Botnet Growing Fast on the Web and Security Experts aren’t Sure of its Purpose

A new twist on an old Windows malware botnet, known as Purple Fox, is growing at a fast clip and security researchers are concerned why…

Security experts have recently discovered an old malware built for Windows has adopted a new attack vector. This new tactic allows the malicious code to infect PCs at an alarming rate. But, what’s more concerning is another unknown. Regardless, cybersecurity researchers believe its a variant of Purple Fox that’s exhibiting new traits in an ongoing criminal campaign.

New Purple Fox Malware Windows Botnet is Growing at an Alarming Rate

Amit Serper and Ophir Harpaz from security specialists Guardicore were the first to identify the new threat actor. Purple Fox dates back to March 2018. Initially, it attacked Internet Explorer web browser with various privilege escalation exploits that were usually passed along in phishing emails. Those fraudulent communications were used for a number of nefarious purposes.

The new malware gained attention last year when security experts discovered the malicious code was actively scanning and brute forcing its way into Internet-connected Windows machines. The new line of attack caused infections to balloon by an incredible 600% in under a year. However, what’s truly disturbing is that security researchers don’t know why it’s being spread. One expert said, “We assume that this is laying the groundwork for something in the future.”

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