October 1, 2022
app fatigue

New PWAs Initiative to Relieve App Fatigue

Consumer app fatigue is a real phenomenon and now, Google and other tech companies are developing progressive web apps for better user experience…

The traditional web is under assault in the age of the smartphone where apps supposedly reign supreme. But the Chrome team at Google, along with Mozilla, Microsoft, and Opera, are introducing the next big thing. Called “progressive web apps,” these combine the best of the web with the most useful features of traditional mobile apps.

Progressive Web Apps in Development to Combat Consumer App Fatigue

Google just published its progressive web apps developer recommendations for best practices guidelines. Headlining at this week’s San Francisco Chrome Dev Summit, PWAs are in the spotlight for programmers wanting to see the latest browser technology.

The point is to harness the power of Chrome’s reach, “We have over 2 billion Chrome instances that are active” each month, said Darin Fisher, Google’s vice president of Chrome engineering. PWAs are a way to free software which only works on certain devices, allowing it to work across different devices, something the Chromebook is doing currently. Just this month, mobile device browser usage surpassed desktop, according to StatCounter. That figure isn’t likely to change going into the foreseeable future.

App fatigue is a reality developers and brands deal with. In fact, among U.S. adults, “almost half…report that they use five or fewer apps at least once per week, and just 16 percent indicate that they use more than 10 apps on a regular basis,” a 2016 Pew Research Center study reveals. Another firm, Localytics, asserts 23 percent of consumers never reopen an app after its first use. What’s more, only about one-fifth of consumers are likely to reengage an app after three months. 

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