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It’s Now Possible to Hide Risque Browsing Habits in Reddit

new Reddit app Anonymous Browsing mode debuts

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Reddit has added a newly improved Anonymous browsing mode for its Android app and unlike its predecessor, keeps activity completely secret…

There’s questionable (and even dangerous) content everywhere on the internet. Practically everyone has experienced typing in an innocuous query only to see something inappropriate or downright unsettling.

Some searches bring back risque material and some are performed precisely with that intention. Of course, that leaves a digital breadcrumb trail. So, people often turn to private or incognito browsing. But, even that doesn’t do what most individuals think it does. Reddit has a solution for this problem and it’s rolling out now.

New Reddit Anonymous Browsing Mode Debuts

The new Reddit Anonymous Browsing option is just that — anonymous. (Unlike private or incognito, where search activity is still collected by websites visited, ISPs, employers, schools, and other organizations.) That’s because each session in Reddit’s Anonymous browsing is unique — meaning it doesn’t link the activity to the user’s Reddit account.

Additionally, it won’t feed into ads on the network or personalized notifications. Plus, it automatically ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. Reddit subtly announced its new Anonymous Browsing mode this way:

“In the coming days, Anonymous Browsing will be available on Android (the iOS version is still in the works and will be available around July or August). To access this feature, tap on your profile picture and then tap on your username to open a list of your accounts. You’ll notice that the new Anonymous Browsing option (next to the Snoo in the fancy teal sunglasses) has replaced the old anonymous option (the Snoo with a bag over its head).”

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