May 20, 2022
new Reddit Crisis Text Line partnership

Reddit Strikes Partnership with Crisis Counselors for Users Suspected of Being in Jeopardy

Reddit joins other popular operations across the web, introducing a partnership with a Crisis Text Line, to connect users with trained counselors…

The topic of mental health is one that’s getting increased attention as it become less sociably taboo and an ongoing issue that’s often commingled with social media. Fortunately, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others are doing their part to help users in need. Now, Reddit is joining in with its own crisis tools.

New Reddit Crisis Text Line Partnership Introduced

Reddit has introduced a new partnership with Crisis Text Line. The purpose is to reach out directly to redditors or users in need, connecting them with trained counselors during troubled situations. 

Redditors will receive messages if other users flag them as struggling with concerning thoughts. Additionally, the service is likewise available to anyone who reports someone else, since this might trigger difficult emotions.

A trained crisis counselor will message with the troubled redditor for as long as necessary, through a secure online connection. The service is free and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also in the process of developing its own AI suicide prevention tools. Subsidiary Instagram introduced a number of similar mental health support measures back in 2016.

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