October 1, 2022
new Reddit mobile apps

New Reddit Mobile Apps go Live, Support Real-Time Comments, Chat, and More

New Reddit mobile apps roll out to Android and iOS, sporting real-time comment support, chat, mod tools, and even more features…

Reddit released its mobile apps last year, in a move to take-back control of the mobile platform experience. (Previously, users relied on third-party apps.) Now, the “front page of the internet” just gave its apps a major upgrade. 

New Reddit Mobile Apps Debut, Support Real-Time Comments, Chat, and More

The refreshed apps introduce several new features. And, most focus on media consumption. The new experience improves its handling for images, videos, as well as GIFs. Plus, the company adds comment feeds, in-app chat, and moderator tolls.

For example, the latest version offers full-screen media mode. (This particular feature is what made third-party app, Allo, so popular.) What’s more, it includes the ability to scroll.

Now, users can open links in Safari, rather than the native in-app browser. This option comes because of popular user demand. Furthermore, the iOS Reddit apps now supports live comments. And, the iOS platform is the first to receive chat. This feature had previously been in beta testing with thousands of users. However, chat only presently supports one-on-one conversations at this time.

new Reddit mobile app post flair
Credit: Reddit / TechCrunch

Both users and moderators can now also add “post flair” on Android and iOS.

Additionally, users will see a cake icon next to their names on their “Cake Day,” or join anniversary. Plus, trophy cases will also appear on the mobile platforms, listing accomplishments such as beta test participation, time on Reddit, and more.

Reddit likewise introduced more moderator tools to simplify use and experience.

Currently, Reddit claims more than 300 million MAUs or monthly active users. The site receives over 9 million posts per month or about 370,000 each day. The new mobile apps signal user preference as 58 percent of users ages 18 through 34 favor mobile. Pageviews across the platform have doubled since early 2016. Whit mobile engagement higher than desktop.