August 4, 2022
Remove China Apps

There’s Now an App that Identifies Chinese Made Apps to Help Users Delete Them — and It’s Very Popular

A new mobile program called “Remove China Apps” has appeared on the Google Play Store to help people find and delete apps made in China…

There’s no question China is no stranger to the news of today. The country is at the center of the COVID-19 crisis and its diminishing foreign relationships with various countries, including the United States, India, and others, haven’t helped its reputation.

All of this, not to mention it often serves as the country of origin for some of the most malicious apps. (Like those recently discovered to steal personal data and bank account information.) But, one developer ostensibly has an answer to the latter problem — an app that identifies China-based mobile applications.

New ‘Remove China Apps’ Mobile Application Appears on the Google Play Store

It’s aptly named “Remove China Apps,” and it runs a program that identifies the countries of origin of all the apps running on a phone. The app itself is already going viral, with more than 1 million downloads, most of which come from India. 

However, it has its limitations. For instance, in tests conducted by the folks over at Android Authority, it failed to recognize all the apps coming out of China. And, it doesn’t identify apps that come pre-installed on Chinese smartphones. Moreover, it does not detect and remove such apps. Instead, it gives users the option to scan their devices and then decide whether or not to permanently remove any flagged applications.

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